Silence: In The Beginning
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"If you want a book that will expand your perceptions and beliefs, then this is it! It will remind you of all that you truly are. Kyle writes with such authenticity, and he expresses himself in a direct manner, which is so refreshing in this day and age. This is not a book of fluff. He gets the words out in the purest way."

- Alizee Langhart

"This book is one you can read in a few hours and then just reread and reread again because everything resonates even more. If you're interested in learning about the future of humanity and society, this is the perfect book to read. If you plan to actually try and make an impact, it's even better. It's like a blueprint. The author's mind is beautiful and it's truly amazing that he's physically only twenty......."

- Jada Carter

Individual Chapters

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Evolutionary Benefits

  • introduces you to the benefits of cherishing individuality in comparison to conformity
  • helps see the ways you have been forced to conform; as well as the internal conflict it creates
  • proves you are here to cherish your divine individuality and inspires embracing your uniqueness

Evolutionary Benefits

  • proves self-love is imperative because this entire journey through life is with yourself 
  • proves you can only give and receive love according to your level of self-love
  • proves the world is searching for love through external power; but fails to realize love cannot be found externally

Evolutionary Benefits

  • brings awareness to the damage your childhood has created
  • shows self-perception creates the life you perceive
  • proves self-perception is conditioned and subject to change
Don't Doubt You
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Evolutionary Benefits

  • proves doubt does not come to stop you, but enhance your growth
  • gives examples of those who have failed, but never perceived themselves as failures
  • provides understanding to what self-doubt is; and ways you can go beyond

Evolutionary Benefits

  • proves no one will respect you if you do not respect yourself
  • shows your beliefs create the reality you experience; and if you want to create a certain reality, respect your beliefs
  • provides understanding of peer pressure; as well as the importance of respecting yourself enough to not fall victim
Never Stop Evolving
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Evolutionary Benefits

  • explains how life is a becoming process and to be happy self-evolution is imperative
  • shows the importance of self-education in comparison to accepting school as the end of the learning curve
  • stresses you have a gift and the importance of discovering it
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